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Jeffrey Berniard and the Berniard Law Firm are trusted leaders in class action litigation. Initiating a class action lawsuit is a large and complex task; these types of cases demand a great amount of effort, resources and skill. Jeffrey and his team are well established, competent and have the requisite experience a class action lawsuit demands.

With an established reputation in class action lawsuits, Jeffrey is able to provide victims with similar causes of action a practical and efficient way to join forces and bring claims that otherwise may not feasibly be heard on their own.

An Experienced Team

The Berniard Law Firm’s strong reputation is rooted in the team’s proficiency in constructing strong class action lawsuits. Jeffrey and his team are known for their ability to lead a group of attorneys in the representation of a large group of victims. The firm sets its sights beyond a sole financial remedy; they also work towards changing the wrongful behavior of the defendant class.

A notable example of the firm’s proven leadership is highlighted in the consumer protection class action lawsuit Jeffrey and his team initiated against the communications giant, Cox Communications. A number of attorneys joined forces under the lead of the Berniard Law Firm in an effort to return fairness to the cable industry by pursuing an illegal tying and antitrust case.

Lower Litigation Costs

Many worthy causes of action often go untried because the potential pay off from a settlement or remedy may not even outweigh the cost of necessary legal fees to bring the case in front of a courtroom. The Berniard Law Firm helps ensure these violations are remedied. By constructing a class action lawsuit, Jeffrey and his team provide a platform for those violations to be heard. Class action lawsuits allow this litigation opportunity, regardless of the size of potential award, because the cost of litigation is spread amongst a large base of plaintiffs.

In addition to cost splitting, Jeffrey and his team also employ class action lawsuits when appropriate to increase efficiency and save the plaintiff class’s time and money. Unlike an individual ruling, a class action lawsuit is decided by a judge and by one court. This avoids the added costs and time associated with the traditional prolonged litigation process.

Consistent Results

In the absence of a class action lawsuit, victims with similar causes of action separately bring his or her claim in front of a court. This practice forces each plaintiff to run the risk of receiving an inconsistent ruling from a similar and previous case; some plaintiffs might receive compensation for a similar wrong while others receive nothing. The Berniard Law Firm aims to eliminate this unfair inconsistency by combining these claims. As a class action lawsuit, every member of the plaintiff class would benefit from the same single ruling.

Inconsistent rulings are often common in cases involving physical harm and medical complications due to the varying degrees of injury and circumstance. The Berniard Law Firm understands the importance of a case’s successful outcome at times like these and employs class action lawsuits to ensure every injured party receives compensation. Jeffrey and his team employed this tactic when they were appointed to represent all class members in a case against Dow Chemical in which individual class members experienced varying physical symptoms as a result of their exposure to a chemical release from a Dow Chemical corporate tank in Hahnville, Louisiana.

Greater Chance of Receiving Damages

Perhaps the greatest risk associated with bringing similar actions to court separately is the risk of not receiving due remedies regardless of the actual case merits. This situation often occurs when multiple plaintiffs with similar claims bring suit in a staggered order. Plaintiffs who bring a lawsuit first receive damages first and as a result companies often go bankrupt before any other plaintiff can receive their day in court. The Berniard Law Firm employs class action lawsuits to ensure everyone gets their day in court and all members of the plaintiff class are compensated fairly.

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