The best Louisiana mesothelioma lawyers know that mesothelioma is a very aggressive form of cancer that manifests in the lungs and abdomen with its main cause being asbestos exposure. The top New Orleans asbestos lawyers will explain to you that asbestos takes the form of microscopic particles and when products or materials containing asbestos are mishandled these fibers become airborne and expose many to the dangerous fibers.

This exposure skyrocketed in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, the Environmental Protection Agency noted that special care should be taken when handling or removing debris and material from structures built prior to the 1970s as they often contained asbestos. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina these precautions were often overlooked by corporations and this caused for the asbestos materials to be mistreated and for it to become airborne increasing the chances of exposure. Since Hurricane Katrina there have been countless suits involving the negligence of employers, construction companies and large corporations including Dow Chemical, for their exposing others to asbestos and their development of mesothelioma. New Orleans mesothelioma Attorney Jeffrey Berniard and the Berniard Law Firm are the premier asbestos litigation attorneys for Louisiana residents suffering from mesothelioma and asbestos-related health concerns.

It is important to know that contractors are required to be highly trained in removal and there are extensive levels of safety precautions that those charged with removing asbestos are charged to follow. If you feel any of these steps have been missed or that there is an asbestos issue in your home or building, contact a professional immediately. Because there are so many levels of responsibility and duty on such an issue, a legal professional is also extremely important to get to keep your rights in check.

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If you watch TV, you have likely seen ads for law firms that represent mesothelioma victims. However, most of these ads are paid for by national, out-of-state law firms that shop their asbestos cases to other firms.

Jeffrey Berniard is different. Here is why:

Local Expertise

With deep roots in Louisiana, New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer Jeffrey knows how state laws and regulations apply to your mesothelioma case. The Berniard Law Firm actively works in the local courts and is familiar with the local industries its clients work in where they may have been subjected to asbestos exposure.

Personal Attention

People with mesothelioma suffer greatly due to the negligence of companies they worked for decades in the past. Jeffrey and his team are here to be the reliable ally for these victims and their families. Your phone calls will be promptly returned and our attorneys will attend to your needs in a timely manner. The Berniard Law Firm also offers personal follow-ups and 24/7 accessibility letting clients know that there is nothing more important than the relationship they are part of with each client.

Litigation Experience

At the Berniard Law Firm, the experienced attorneys handle mesothelioma claims for clients in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana. Jeffrey and his associates are 100% dedicated to litigation in asbestos and mesothelioma cases. What’s more, our firm’s experience with class actions, including the BP Oil Spill and the Dow Chemical leak, demonstrates the ability to work with large corporations and industries to get results.

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