Case Results

Here is a sampling of some of the Awards from Court Rulings or Settlements that the Berniard Law has helped clients win the following:

  1. $35 Million for Class of Individuals who did not receive timely claims adjustments after Hurricane Katrina.
  2. $632,000 for an apartment complex owner after Katrina.
  3. $3.4 million for a victim of mesothelioma.
  4. $140,000 for a victim of asbestos related lung cancer.
  5. $1.2 million for several clients affected by fault hip implants.
  6. A wide variety of awards for individual claims for property owners and personal injury claimants, including the following:
    • Client A received $100,000
    • Client B received over $168,000
    • Client C received over $228,000
    • Clients D&E together received nearly $390,000
    • Client F received over $540,000
    • Client G received just under $100,000
    • Client H received just under $200,000
    • Client I received nearly $375,000.
    • Clients J&K each received over $100,000 for their different claims.

The Berniard Law Firm has recovered over $45 million for our clients in the last five years alone. This is due to the firm’s concrete understanding of complex litigation. Future results are expected for our clients in matters including Chinese Drywall, Cox and Charter Class Actions, Dow Leak Class action, and for our clients that have suffered losses due to the BP Oil Spill.

The Berniard Law Firm’s members have also been very successful as class counsel in various class actions the firm has been involved in. One such example of the Berniard Law Firm’s work can be found in Guidry v. Dow Chemical Company, No. 2012-CA-0436 (La. Ct. App. Nov. 12, 2012). That case involved a class action of class members who allege various ailments related to the unauthorized release of ethyl acrylate from the Dow Union Carbide Corporation Hahnville Chemical plant located in St. Charles Parish Louisiana. Jeffrey P. Berniard has been appointed as one of the lead attorneys representing several hundred thousand class members who were affected by that chemical release. One of the complex issues involved in the Guidry case was class certification. The Class certification process involves a trial in which the Plaintiffs through their attorney provide evidence to the court which provides the court with the proof necessary for it to decide whether or not the case should proceed as a class action or not. Mr. Berniard was critical in this process and participated in all phases of the trial. Ultimately the Plaintiffs were successful against the Defendants opposition and the trial court agreed that the case should proceed as a class action. The Defendants then appealed that ruling the the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana. The Berniard Law Firm continued to fight on behalf of their clients in that appeal process. Ultimately the Appeals court agreed with the trial court that the Plaintiffs proved all of the elements necessary for the case to proceed as a class action. Mr. Berniard continues to fight on behalf of his clients to this day in this case.

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