Mass Torts

Mass Torts are cases that involve numerous plaintiffs alleging the same or similar violations of the law by one or a small number of defendants. These cases can be filed in state or federal court. Typically the cases involve a mass disaster, defective drug or product. These cases involve allegations of a varied nature and typically cases of this nature are grouped together for efficiency purposes.

The Berniard Law Firm has extensive experience in the world of mass tort litigation. Starting with the firm’s practice after Hurricane Katrina dealing with insurance litigation the Berniard Law has always been heavily involved in the mass tort complex litigation field of law. After Hurricane Katrina the Berniard Law Firm’s main attorney Jeffrey P. Berniard became one of the lead counsel in a Bad Faith insurance class action that grouped together over 75,000 claimants. Along with co-counsel and through his representation the case successfully settled for 20 million dollars.

Being recognized as a leader in the field of mass torts/complex litigation the Berniard Law Firm’s main attorney, Jeffrey P. Berniard has been sought out by national media and has taught other attorneys in these fields as well. Mr. Berniard taught continuing education to other attorneys on the subject of the Depuy Hip Recall, Chinese Drywall litigation and the BP Oil Spill. Because of his excellence in this field Mr. Berniard has been quoted in numerous publications on matters involving mass torts including appearing on the Neil Cavuto Fox News television program.

Jeffrey P. Berniard has also been named as lead counsel in other matters involving mass torts. In Chalona et. Al. vs. Louisiana Property Insurance Company, 34th JDC, No. 107-125, Div. “A” Mr. Berniard was named one of four lead counsel to prosecute the property damage claims of homeowners who allege the release of catalyst ash damaged their homes. In Sheila Guidry et. al. vs. The Dow Chemical Company et. al., Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, La. Docket No. 2009-7832, Mr. Berniard was named one of four lead counsel to pursue a case on behalf of potentially several hundred thousand claimants who allege that a release of ethyl acrylate caused damages to their health.

In matters of national significance Jeffrey P. Berniard has been extensively active as well. In Gerald Paul Bodet et. al. vs. Charter Communications, USDC, EDLA No. 09-3068, Division “F”,. Magistrate “1.”, Mr. Berniard pursued anti-trust allegations against the cable companies. Mr. Berniard was one of only two lead counsel in that case. Mr. Berniard is still actively fighting on behalf of plaintiffs who allege similar allegations in Henry Holmes et. al. vs. Cox Communications, USDC, EDLA No. 09-2996, Division “S”. In that case Mr. Berniard is one the executive committee and has worked several thousand hours and committed significant financial sums to help continue the matter.

In the world of defective drugs/defective products Jeffrey P. Berniard has years of experience as well. Starting with the Chinese Drywall litigation Wiltz et. al vs. Knauf Gips KG, et. al, USDC, EDLA No. 09-3488, Division “s”, in which he helped his clients secure significant funds to repair their homes damaged by defective drywall. In Virgil Lewis vs. Depuy Orthopaedic, Inc. et. al., USDC, EDLA No. 10-3370, Division “I”, Mr. Berniard helped his clients recover significant funds as a result of a defective hip implant. Further, Mr. Berniard has helped many clients secure millions of dollars from BP for the oil spill and following economic damage that occurred thereafter.

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