Practice Areas

The below listed pages are some the practice areas in which the Berniard Law Firm practices. However, this is not an exclusive list. Our law firm is a litigation practice and therefore any matter that could ultimately be presented before a Judge or Jury is an area of law in which we practice in. Our law firm has taken on many cases outside the list above including defending clients who we believe were wrongfully sued by Plaintiffs. In doing so we remain true to the principle of putting our client’s interest first. It is not the nature of the case but the client’s interest that guides our firm.

The Berniard Law firm has also been very involved in class action and complex litigation of a varied nature. Some of the class actions that the firm has been involved in include Sherman Antitrust allegations, toxic tort exposure, insurance claim violations and hospital billing violations. Our law firm has been a leader in these lawsuits and many times Jeffrey P. Berniard has had the honor of being nominated as lead counsel in the class actions that he has been involved in. Lead counsel means Mr. Berniard is one a few experienced lawyers chosen to direct the litigation on behalf of all the class members in the case. Many lawyers apply to be lead counsel and only a few are chosen.

The Berniard Law Firm also practices throughout the Gulf Coast and all over the nation. The law firm has helped pursue claims on behalf of their clients in many different states including, Georgia, Florida, California, Ohio, Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado and many others. This firm has been success all over Louisiana, throughout the nation and has even taken on cases arising outside the United States. No matter what type of case you might have and no matter what state you are located in feel free to contact our law firm for a free consultation. If our law firm cannot help you we can surely be helpful in pointing you in the right direction. So contact our law firm today and let us help you get working on your case right away.

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