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Founded and based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Berniard Law Firm has consistently worked to defend the rights of Gulf Coast residents. With extensive experience in issues facing the people of Louisiana and Texas, our firm represents a personal, one-to-one legal approach that treats clients as people, not numbers.

Dating back to the destruction of homes and businesses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Berniard Law Firm has consistently worked to ensure the good people of the region receive the justice they deserve. Whether in insurance claims, property damage, government failures and more, the Berniard Law Firm has consistently taken on “the big guys” and won.

Unfortunately, the Gulf Coast’s needs have extended into other areas. The Berniard Law Firm has taken its uncompromising focus on providing legal assistance to those who need it the most into other fields of law as a result. After decades of lies surrounding the danger of asbestos, Gulf Coast residents stricken with mesothelioma have become a class of individuals that truly need every ounce of assistance we strive to provide. When unfair business practices have been put upon the public, we have stepped up. And when environmental danger struck in the form of gas leaks and the infamous Deepwater Horizon crisis, we stepped up.

Our firm has also taken on many other areas of practice including personal injury and workers compensation claims. The firm has represented clients in a myriad of personal injury cases of a diverse nature. From the traditional automobile accidents personal injury cases to the complex toxic chemical exposure cases our firm is willing and ready to take on any injury case for you or one of your family members. Our law firm has also taken on the largest chemical companies in the area in very complex class actions involving personal injury cases arising from chemical releases. While these cases can take many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue the Berniard Law firm will never shy away from pursuing any claim on behalf of their clients no matter what the risk is. This is because to our firm the clients come first. The injuries sustained by our clients are life changing and without a fight the defendants will surely not pay what the case is worth. That is why we are here to fight for you, to ensure that your injuries are fairly compensated and that justice is done.

The Berniard Law Firm is deeply rooted into the Gulf Coast community as it’s members are all born and raised within this region. Our law firm’s members fish in these waters, hunt in the forest and play on the beaches. Our clients are our friends and neighbors who also love this area. We will always strive to ensure that we serve their needs for the continued success of all the persons of the Gulf Coast.

The Berniard Law Firm takes pride in its role as a critical partner in the recovery efforts taking place in the Gulf Coast, Louisiana and beyond. If you are in need of legal assistance that takes into account who you are and not just what you suffered, contact the Berniard Law Firm today.

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