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Besides the fact that the Berniard Law Firm has extensive experience with personal injury claims, insurance disputes, and class actions, many people question why they should hire an attorney to help with their claims. Whether dealing with an injury, physical or financial, or difficulties with an insurance company during a claims dispute, an attorney is essential for getting the financial restitution and justice you deserve.

Typically, people question; Why should I hire an attorney for something I paid for and deserve?


The Berniard Law Firm fees are based on a contingency basis. Therefore, there are no expenses or cost unless we are successful in attaining a settlement for you. Our fees are based on the amount we recover, OVER AND ABOVE any amount you have already recovered. Therefore, if the insurance company has offered or already paid you $10,000 and you feel this amount was not sufficient, the Berniard Law Firms fees are based only on the amount over and above the original $10,000. Therefore, if the Berniard Law Firm recovers another $50,000 on your claim the fees are based on the $50,000 recovered by the Berniard Law Firm, not the whole of the claim or $60,000.


The Berniard Law Firm has handled hundreds of insurance claims and has the experience in handling claims that is needed to properly address all issues of your claim. The Berniard Law Firms attorneys will evaluate your policy and your claim and make sure that coverage is Maximized while Exclusions are minimized. Do not let the insurance company tell you what is and is not covered under your policy. Let the Berniard Law Firm help you see the truth of what should be covered under your policy. What’s more, our firm’s experience with class actions, including the BP Oil Spill and the Dow Chemical leak, demonstrates the ability to work with large corporations and industries to get results.


The Berniard Law Firm will fight for your rights until you are confident that your have received just compensation for your damages. Other so called “Insurance Claim Specialist” are only interested in turning over your claim as quick as possible. They are not concerned with evaluating every aspect of your coverage as well as possible unlawful behavior of the insurance company which could lead to penalties over and above the amount of your claim. Our firm will handle your claim with the utmost of integrity that is needed when one takes on such an important undertaking.


The Berniard Law Firm will provide you with personal attention from an Attorney, not a paralegal or a secretary. Your phone calls will be promptly returned and our attorneys will attend to your needs in a timely manner. Every client is extremely important to our firm, therefore every client is treated with the respect they deserve. Our ability to follow up in a personal matter while being reachable 24 hours a day helps our clients know that there is nothing more important to the process than a close relationship with the people that trust us with such important issues in their lives.


Attorney represented claims are often handled by completely different departments then all the other claims. If an attorney is representing you then the insurance company must watch it’s every move. They know if they do not they could end up losing well over the amount of the claim for there actions. Many insurance companies do not even acknowledge Public Adjusters or other so called Insurance Claim Specialist. They will continue to contact you even if you do not wish to be contacted. This will not happen in an attorney represented insurance claim. By taking over the day-to-day interactions with the insurance company while carefully reading and analyzing all of the paperwork that comes from the matter, you will know that a highly trained professional that knows all the loopholes that insurance companies attempt to exploit is on your side, protecting your interests.


Handling an insurance claim can be extremely stressful. With everything that is happened in your life letting a professional handle your claim will take that stress away. The Berniard Law Firm will continue to update you as to the progress of your claim, therefore without the daily worrying you will still be aware of the progress of your claim.


The Berniard Law Firm works with experts in the field of insurance claims. Our firm works with experts in many different areas that are necessary to help prove your claim. Different experts will be needed to prove different aspects of your claim and the Berniard Law Firm will cover all up front costs of these experts. Without experts it is your word against the Insurance Companies experts, and knowing which expert to hire can make a big difference in your claim. What’s more, lead attorney Jeffrey Berniard is considered an expert in the field of the Oil Protection Act (OPA) and claimant issues. As a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) instructor, Mr. Berniard instructs fellow attorneys on the complexities of oil claims and working with clients and organizations.


The Berniard Law Firm’s attorneys are up to date on all of the latest legislation and courtroom battles that are arising from the Insurance Companies actions. If a certain issue in your claim is decided by a court the Insurance Company will likely keep you in the dark if it is favorable to your claim. However, if you are represented by the Berniard Law Firm we will know and it use it in your favor to insure you receive a fair recovery.


The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner recently set up a mediation program. This program is completely unfair to the average individual who has never been through a mediation. You will probably be unsure of what to bring to prove your case. You will definitely be outmatched in experience. The insurance company will surely send its best experts who have attended hundreds of these mediations. They are experts in making you feel as if you have no case and thus must accept what they offer. Although the Louisiana Department of Insurance would like you to believe this is there program, make no mistake these are INSURANCE COMPANY set up mediations. They pick the mediators, the time and place of the mediation, and they know the game a lot better than you do. Most people would not attend such high stakes mediations on any other areas of the law without an expert, so why start here?


If the Insurance Company is found to have treated your claim in Bad Faith there are specific statutes that allow for damages over and above the amount of your claim. The insurance company could be liable for two times the amount of your claim. At the Berniard Law Firm we are always looking for conduct which could be held to be Bad Faith.

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