No Notification of Dropped Coverage

Insurance companies must follow specific guidelines when they cancel a policy of insurance. Are you are now being told that your insurance coverage lapsed and you were not previously told of the cancellation by your insurance company. It could be possible that the insurance company did not follow all of the laws when they cancelled your coverage. The Berniard Law Firm helped many clients fight their insurance companies after they have been told that their insurance policy lapsed. Our firm has been successful in securing the settlements from those companies to not only pay for the loss that their clients sustained but also the attorneys fees.

If you were not properly notified of the cancellation of your policy by the insurance company then you can file a claim against that company for the amount of the losses the insurance you requested would have covered. The Berniard Law Firm’s attorneys have a great deal of experience in suing insuring companies for their client’s after Hurricane Katrina for just such cases. These cases involve special expertise that only experience can bring.

Our firm has seen everything from an insurer sending notification to a wrong address to first claiming they sent notification then quickly changing their story after our firm was retained. In every lapsed insurance coverage case that was caused by an insurance company an initial denial of any wrongdoing was asserted by the company. It took the tenacity and expertise of the Berniard Law Firm to show the insurer the error of their ways and ultimately caused our clients to receive the coverage they paid for.

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The Berniard Law Firm is happy to take on any role necessary to help individuals and businesses in their fight against insurers. The Berniard Law Firm has worked in a variety of roles as lead counsel, co-counsel, as well as consultation and expert services. Our attorneys have worked with corporate counsel, corporate risk managers, public insurance adjusters, corporations, contractors, during the claims adjustment, investigation, litigation, and all phases of the claims process to help resolve coverage disputes. Call the Berniard Law Firm today to speak with an attorney regarding our services.

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