Asbestos Exposure Locations

Many Louisiana residents are at high risk for mesothelioma due to past and present asbestos exposure. The best New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer will ensure your rights are protected. Thousands of workers from the Gulf Coast oil and salt mining industries in the 1900s were unknowingly exposed to the dangerous effects of asbestos-related diseases, namely mesothelioma, whose symptoms only surface 20-50 years or more later. Great Louisiana asbestos attorneys have been protecting those workers for decades by ensuring those workers receive the top judgments and settlements that can be awarded.

Oil Refineries particularly favors asbestos as a material to insulate their pipelines because it was heat resistant and the oil is highly flammable and requires hight temperatures for its refining. The Oil Refineries did not however account for the repercussions of using the material and how it can become airborne and manifest serious diseases in those working around it around it. A prime example of this is Morvant v. Asbestos Corporation Limited, in which Morvant sued a Johns Manville plant in New Orleans. The plant manufactured asbestos piping with raw asbestos purchased from the defendant. Morvant unintentionally brought the fibers home with him on his clothing and was later diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Mordant sued and won an award of $6.4 million.

In addition, the devastation and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina led to a resurgence of asbestos exposure for Louisiana residents. As during this period of time asbestos was not properly handled or removed from devastation sites and due to structures being destroyed asbestos became airborne without the knowledge of those in the surrounding areas. Emergency first responders, victims of flooding and residents of homes built in the 20th century are just some of the Louisiana residents that have been recently exposed to this harmful substance.

Where Could I Have Been Exposed to Asbestos?

Jeffrey Berniard and the Berniard Law Firm are 100% dedicated to representing these Louisiana mesothelioma lawsuit victims. If you worked in or frequented one of these sites below, the Berniard Law Firm wants to speak with you today.

  • Avondale Industries –12 miles outside New Orleans
  • Bollinger Shipyards – Lockport
  • Calcasieu Refinery – Lake Charles
  • Calumet Refineries – Princeton, Shreveport
  • Conoco Refinery – Lake Charles
  • Conrad Industries – Morgan City
  • Citgo Refinery – Lake Charles
  • Higgins Shipyard – New Orleans
  • Louisiana Superdome – New Orleans
  • Marathon Refinery – Garyville
  • Motiva Norco Refinery – New Orleans
  • Placid Refining Company – Port Allen
  • Port of Baton Rouge – Baton Rouge
  • Valero Refinery – Lake Charles
  • W.R. Grace & Company Site – New Orleans
  • Johns Manville Plant- New Orleans
  • Dow Chemical— Plaquemine
  • Bollinger Shipyard — Lockport

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