Burn Injuries


Burn injuries can occur in many different types of accidents. The best New Orleans burn injury lawyers know where to look if such an accident occurs. Most people typically don’t think of burn injuries occurring in car accidents, but they do. They also occur in work-related accidents, and people who are employed in construction and industrial jobs are most at risk. Fire isn’t the only cause of burn injuries either. In Louisiana, great burn injury attorneys understand that chemical burns and radiation are also the cause of many burn injuries. But there is one similarity for all types of burn injuries: they are almost always quite severe.

When a person suffers a burn injury, medical treatment at any neighborhood hospital or medical facility may not be sufficient. Many burn injuries require treatment at specialized burn trauma centers, where the treatment is focused specifically on the needs of victims of burn injuries. These locations are staffed by medical professionals who have extensive experience in all matters related to burn injuries, including what to do in the immediate aftermath of the injury to reduce the long-term impact on a person’s life and ability to function. From there, the oftentimes long road to recovery begins. Burn trauma centers have the equipment and resources that burn injury victims will need in order to progress through the many stages of recovery.

Unfortunately for burn injury victims, the injury usually can’t just be treated with surgery and medicine with a 100 percent recovery the expectation. First and foremost, treatment is needed to stop the damage. Next, skin grafts may be necessary in order to start the path toward recovery. And then further reconstructive surgery may be needed in order to minimize the physical appearance of the scars that result from the injury. Once all of the medical procedures are completed, many burn injury victims will face the prospect of long-term rehabilitation, which can include multiple follow-up doctor visits and physical therapy over the course of years.

Needless to say, extensive medical treatment is quite common for many different types of burn injuries. And as the amount of care and the number of medical procedures stacks up, the bills for this treatment will rack up as well. For those whose burn injuries were caused due to another party’s recklessness or negligence, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation to cover those costs. If the burn injuries occurred as a result of a car accident, the other driver may be the party to pursue. If the burn injuries occurred in a work-related accident, the victim’s employer may be held accountable.

Unlike many other types of injuries that accident victims suffer from, burn injuries typically have a life-long impact on the victim. Victims may face the prospect of humiliation as they attempt to cover up the scars from their burn injuries, or they may be dealing with pain from the injuries that lasts a lifetime. On top of the physical impact of burn injuries, victims may also face the need to seek professional help for mental conditions that may arise due to the burn injuries, such as depression. Victims who have suffered these injuries at the hands of another party do not have to sit idly. Financial compensation may provide victims with the resources they need to take the right steps toward recovery and living a normal life.

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