Commercial Property Insurance Claim Disputes

Large property losses involve large payouts by insurance companies and that is exactly what they try to avoid. The exclusions and limitations on coverage that the insurance companies argue apply to your commercial property claim are in direct contrast to what the agent told you would be covered. The Berniard Law Firm is here to help maximize your coverage and to make sure the insurance companies live up to the contract of insurance that you diligently paid premiums for.

The Berniard Law Firm will employ experts in construction who also are experts in writing claims reports to help document your insured losses. Our experts will compile meticulous reports of the loss that are in accordance with the policy requirements. The Berniard Law Firm’s experts will use real construction values when assessing the damages taking into account the replacement cost or actual cost value where applicable. The Berniard Law Firm’s experts will also recommend loss mitigation techniques so that the insurance company can not latter argue that damages were worsened by your actions.

The Berniard Law Firm will also help investigate and write a detailed estimate of your Contents and Stock claims. The Berniard Law Firm’s experts will analyze and help write a detailed estimate of all property damage to the contents, including stock, supplies, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, improvements and betterments, computer systems, etc.

The Berniard Law Firm can also help with your extra expense losses. Our lawyers will help analyze and advise management on extra expenses that are necessitated and recoverable under the insurance provisions including; coordinating tracking or extra expense items to ensure collectability, determine excess expenses over normal expenses, and continue to track recoverable extra expense during an extended period of indemnity.

The Berniard Law Firm will also help with your Business Interruption Loss if needed.

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Co-Counsel and Expert Consultation Services

The Berniard Law Firm is happy to take on any role necessary to help individuals and businesses in their fight against insurers. The Berniard Law Firm has worked in a variety of roles as lead counsel, co-counsel, as well as consultation and expert services. Our attorneys have worked with corporate counsel, corporate risk managers, public insurance adjusters, corporations, contractors, during the claims adjustment, investigation, litigation, and all phases of the claims process to help resolve coverage disputes. Call the Berniard Law Firm today to speak with an attorney regarding our services.

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