Mold Insurance Claim Disputes

Insurance companies have sought to drastically limit the amount they will pay for black mold or any mold claims. Some companies will try to pay little or nothing at all for any type of mold clean-up, even for indoor mold contamination caused by a water damage event that is otherwise covered. However, not all mold exclusions are equal. This is why it is important to consult experts such as the Berniard Law Firm when an insurance company disputes your mold claim.

Typically, a mold claim becomes an issue when it was not first seen by the adjuster sent out by the insurance company. The insurance company will later try to deny a mold claim by asserting that the mold was a result of construction defect, improper loss mitigation technique, or that it was pre-existing prior to the covered loss. Insurance companies will even try to deny that the mold exists when it is clearly an issue.

Generally, a claim arising from mold damage will only be covered when the presence of mold is caused by a water peril that is specifically covered by the insurance policy. This is commonly referred to as a covered peril. Mold that results from a specific, or one-time event, such as a hurricane or an ice storm, will traditionally be covered. Conversely, mold that results from a continuously leaking pipe or any other repeated water seepage will not generally be covered. An expert determination on what water or other moisture source caused the mold is one of the biggest factors that influences whether or not mold damage will be covered.

The costs associated with mold clean up are becoming more expensive and insurance companies are pursuing different ways to avoid paying claims arising from mold damage. These methods range from litigating claims under existing policies to completely rewriting their form policies to exclude coverage for all types of mold.

The Berniard Law Firm will employ experts in mold detection and remediation to ensure your mold claim is not wrongfully denied. If you believe your insurance company is underpaying or denying your mold claim call our firm today to speak with an attorney.

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