Renter’s Insurance Claim Disputes

A renter’s insurance policy of insurance helps protects your losses sustained as a result of the damage to the place you were renting. Insurance companies will try to persuade you that your loss is not covered due to some exclusion in the policy that may or may not be applicable to your loss. Typically a renter’s policy of insurance is much smaller than a homeowner’s policy and therefore insurance companies are hopeful that most people will just go away if their claims are denied. The Berniard Law Firm will help you fight the insurance company no matter the size of the claim to ensure your rights are protected.

The Berniard Law Firm helped many renters receive fair compensation for their insurance claims after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Our attorneys saw every trick in the book used by the insurance companies to limit their payments to the same renters who diligently paid their premiums year after year. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you maximize your coverage while minimizing the exclusions the insurance companies will argue limit the payout on your insurance claim.

Additional Living Expense or Evacuation Claims

Additional living expense or ALE claims are often a contested item by the insurance companies. If your property suffered a covered loss the insurance company must pay your expenses over and above your normal living expense during the time you were evacuated from the property. The Berniard Law Firm will help you gather the necessary documents to present your additional living expense claims so that you can receive full compensation for the time you were away from your property as a result of the covered loss. The Berniard Law Firm will also help your claim for the time period you will need to move out of the house if substantial construction is necessary due to the extent of the damage.

Contents Losses

Insurance companies also try to limit their payout on contents by giving a myriad of excuses. Whether it is by unreasonable deprecation, arguing contents that are destroyed can be fixed or just cleaned, or flat out denying a claim the Berniard Law Firm can help protect your rights. If the insurance company is telling you certain items are not covered by your policy let the Berniard Law Firm’s experts evaluate your claims to make sure they are not unjustly denying your claims.

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The Berniard Law Firm is happy to take on any role necessary to help individuals and businesses in their fight against insurers. The Berniard Law Firm has worked in a variety of roles as lead counsel, co-counsel, as well as consultation and expert services. Our attorneys have worked with corporate counsel, corporate risk managers, public insurance adjusters, corporations, contractors, during the claims adjustment, investigation, litigation, and all phases of the claims process to help resolve coverage disputes. Call the Berniard Law Firm today to speak with an attorney regarding our services.

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